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Welcome to Paxos

It’s been more than 40 years since 1967, when a small workshop started to produce pencil cases and school bags in Athens. Much has changed since then. The company's management has already passed to the new generation of the family. The leather school bag has given way to a huge range of products which now include everything to equip students in and out of school.


School bags, full set for school (notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and much more), backpacks, summer bags and fancy gifts throughout the year, are some of the products belonging to a rich collection of Paxos.
The small basement workshop has converted into modern office facilities, warehouses and exhibition spaces. And Paxos products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide.


But there are some things that have not changed.


The most famous children heroes started hosted on Paxos school bags.For 40 years the most loved friends, keep you company through our products. And of course what has not changed and will never change is that the name "PAXOS" is synonymous with quality.


Thank you...


...for your love throughout the years and we invite you all, to our family, the Paxos family....




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